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Join the community of people who have
transformed their lives with the help of “The Journey”

It's such an honor to walk this great journey with my beloved clients, and a privilege as well to witness how God has healed them from within, down to the cellular level! 

All testimonials are published with the permission of my clients!

This was the start of our conversation back on Nov. 14th, 2017:
Hi Shiouling!
I have a question for you. I was wondering if you have worked with any patients that have SIBO? I have found a good NMD and it appears I have SIBO and many many food sensitivities. What’s your experience with that? Here's the whole story for you!

//Jennefer V. /Tucson, AZ 2018 ( SIBO/Thyroid/ infertility/腸躁症 /腸漏症 /甲狀腺功能不全/不孕症 )

Get more details about her journey at her blog here:

Her family ministry:


Martha had been suffering from lupus for many years, dealing with joint pain and fatigue daily while raising a young child. She made so much progress by adopting a healthier lifestyle with the help of our custom regime.  After only a few months of hard work, her lupus inflammation markers improved greatly. Her actions even inspired her husband to take action for his diabetes. Not only did his weight and fat mass drop, but he was also able to stop taking insulin injections. Watch his testimonial to learn why I'm so excited for him!

/// Martha and Padro / Tucson, AZ

( 紅斑性狼瘡/ 糖尿病 )

"I now have so much energy after I started working with Claire. Not only do I sleep through the night, I also have normal bowel movements. I burnt almost 5% of my fat mass and increased 4% of my muscle mass during my 5-month session with Claire.  I'm no longer feeling tired when I walk now! I went to see my doctor this week and she agreed to cut down my medications! She loves my HbA1C number as well.

I don't feel like an 85-year-old lady at all and I am so grateful that God has treated me so kindly all these years. My body age is 61 now!"



///Beatrice M./ Tucson, AZ ( 糖尿病/銀髮族保養 )

"I went to the ER and they ran several tests on me. The ER doctor wrote on my discharge paper: anxiety, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, low immune system, etc. I also experienced menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, and panic attacks, and my period had already stopped for a few months. I worked with Claire and followed her instructions on diet, stress management, exercise, and supplements.

4 months later, I ran another blood test and it shows I no longer have hyperthyroidism, no more low immune system and anxiety. I not only got my period back but also feel 10 years younger. All my piano students ask me how I became so energetic and beautiful!"


///Grazhina M. / Tucson, AZ (甲狀腺亢進/焦慮/

更年期 )

"Working with Claire, I learned observations to lose weight:

You have to want to lose weight more than your desire to eat. Eat to satisfy, not to binge due to emotion. Over time it becomes a habit and easier. Remind yourself it's a goal and calories can be added once you meet it. Weigh yourself weekly to not fall too far back, but to allow some setback. Educate yourself on nutrition, both powerful and motivating."

PS: Gail lost 10 lbs in one month



///Gail C. / Tucson, AZ ( 減重 )


Dear Claire,


May this note finds you well and your family well.  How are you doing? Are you continuing to enjoy your profession of being a Health Coach?  I'm sure your time, knowledge, and experience have continued to touch and bless many lives.


I wanted to share some good news with you.   In late January, I had blood work done by the rheumatologist and overall the labs are stable, which is good news!  The doctor advised no need to discuss infusion treatment now!  The labs will be repeated in late April. Unfortunately, the reports differ from the previous lab, so unable to compare. What they do indicate is:


- Positive for ANA IgG and HEp-2 cell fluorescence (dense fine speckled)

Negative for Autoimmune Disease, Rheumatoid, Antiphospholipid Syndrome, and Thyroid Auto-Antibodies. Wow!


Other Results:

- No change in inflammation of pericardium or effusion (no improvement but no worse)

- Bronchiectasis of lungs is a major concern and scary.  A breathing test is scheduled for early March. 

I've explored "Pulmonary Therapy" and it's available if my results are "bad enough" to qualify.


Here's hoping & trusting in God's providence, praying, and adhering to "healthy habits" & your suggestions.


May The Lord bless you, your family, and your work.



With gratitude and prayers,

Cheryl--Feb, 2018 ( 紅斑性狼瘡個案 )


I met Mr. Lin in July when I visited Taiwan. He had liver sclerosis, low appetite, low energy, and depression. 

He talked about his funeral and so on. I encouraged him to take charge of his life for his family. After we chatted, Mr. Lin decided to commit to this healthy lifestyle with his wife's support!

I see such an improvement in his blood work after 5 months of a healthy life. It's just the beginning of his good health! I am so inspired by his great progress as he has more energy and better appetite/sleep and is much happier now!

/// Lin, Taiwan, 2015 ( 肝硬化個案 )


Ingrown nail problem:


"I was going to have major surgery on Nov 2nd. I started Usana CellSentials on Oct 13th. October 26th, I saw a big change – nail beds getting softer and easier for me to take ingrown nails off. I postponed my surgery. Nov 23rd – the photo showing a much better nail compared to Oct 26th. What you see outside is nothing – my pain was under the skin where nails had ingrown. The nails took about 6 months to heal. I think the surgery wouldn’t have helped me like my past three surgeries and am hoping I may not need it in the future.


I used to get up 3-4 times every night to go to the bathroom, now it's been reduced to a maximum of 2 times."



/// Niranjan Humbad from Troy, MI, Dec. 2017 ( 指甲內長/高血壓/



DEC 5th, 2017

Stage 2/3 breast cancer at my 30's was bad news for me and my family! I'm a mother of three boys and a principal as well as the owner of a preschool in Taipei. I had to make numerous trips to the hospital for my surgery, and many sessions of chemotherapy. If it weren't for the USANA supplements and support from my nurse friend and Claire, my health counselor, I wouldn't be able to recover so well and finish all of my medical treatments with such a good condition. I could literally return to work the next day after my chemo.

I also discussed with Claire on how to maintain my health and keep a healthy lifestyle. Now I'm able to run my school business with the energy it requires and enjoy my bike tour with my family every month! It has become our family tradition to bike around Taiwan! 


/// Debbi C. Taipei, Taiwan 2017 ( 乳癌第二/三期 )




Kristen has been my beloved client since 2014.After her second pregnancy, she did the USANA® 5-Day RESET™ and has taken on the challenge to resume her workout consistently! I am so proud of her!


/// Kristen, Tucson, AZ 2017 ( 產後減肥 )




Breanna is such a productive mom and has been my client for years. We worked together and she lost 40 lbs before her 3rd pregnancy. Throughout her pregnancy, her doctor was amazed by her condition, which was so much better than her previous two pregnancies. Her story always inspires me, as well as seeing her improving health and energy for her students and family! 

///Breanna, Tucson, AZ 2018 (花粉/塵顢過敏 )

My client's story is always an inspiration! Their action not only freed them from countless worries on their blood work, it also empowered them to be the owner of their body! No more panic and confusion when seeing a doctor to discuss their health condition and things they could improve on based on their most recent blood test results! 

Cassie has become very proactive in her blood work and learned the meaning behind all those numbers! She is a great student indeed! 

///Cassie, Tucson, AZ 2015- present

( overall health)

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