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Tell me your story

I believe everyone has a story to tell and your own very story is a work of art. The journey might be long but worth it to transform your life into a beautiful story that could inspire others, including ourselves in our everyday life! Tell me about your story...

​​I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2001, cervical cancer in 2005, pre-diabetes in 2007, hypothyroidism in 2009, breast benign in 2010. All the lovely reminders and warnings from God shocked me and forced me to re-evaluate the lifestyle that I have chosen to live for many years. Do I really enjoy the late owl life with lots of yummy snacks and movies? Lack of sleep and low energy, fighting with my ex, and yelling at my girls when they had some mood issue? Or I am the one who has the mood issue? Adrenal fatigue and low thyroid function was the root cause of my white hair. I was constantly thinking a way out of the vicious cycle of nonstop frustration!

I took action after I found solutions, but it has not been easy to feel optimistic when taking my medications first thing in the morning, not to mention watching all the food that I put into my mouth most of the time.


Yes, it may be challenging to change the lifestyle but don't we want peace of mind when we walk into the doctor's office for the annual checkup? I refuse to become a victim by a poor lifestyle and I have decided to own my body and be proactive about my health! When I walk into the doctor's office next time, I want to see it as a sweet reminder from God and my doctor to tell me how I can adjust my lifestyle to better serve my family and the community!

Take action and visit your PCP to check how you're doing and contact me to reserve your ONE ON ONE CONSULTATION TODAY!!!





How do we treat our health as a gift to learn more about our inner needs? We will need to be wise and willing to see facts from another perspective. It takes discipline and experience to really appreciate our bodies. How do we treat our stress hormones as a way to help us to stretch our capacity and reach out for support? It will take years of practice and tons of quiet time to connect our inner needs and voice. Do we want to build up ourselves and make us a better person to bless the people we love and the people around us?

It's an art, not a task to learn so much more about this meaningful life and live it to the fullest. On this journey, we will learn the tools and knowledge needed to become not only healthier but much, much happier!

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